The Online Flora Project

This is the 2013 Online Flora Project checklist of plant species of Okanogan County, Washington. Species names are based on the Flora of North America or the Integrated Taxonomic Information System.

Definitions: [N] Subpage record no. [Image] Link to image. [FULLNAME] Scientific species name; bold if the name is the accepted one; ssp.=subspecies, var.=variety, f.=forma, cv.=cultivar. [COMMON] Common name. [LOOKUP] Synonym code, indicating reasons for using a synonym. [Accepted] Accepted synonym. [WA] Washington rarity: (E)ndangered, (T)hreatened, (S)ensitive, (W)atch.

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Your can support development of the online flora by donating online. Currently we need a better scanner and funds to cover travel costs.

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Hybrids are not accepted except for self-reproducing ones and traditionally accepted apomicts.