North Central Washington

Okanogan Outdoor Education - 2001

Okanogan Chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society

Silene acaulis on Billy Goat Mountain
Silene acaulis
April 8, 2001, Alta Coulee, George Wooten, leader.
May 2, 2001, wandering up Bear Cr., Carl Miller leader.
May 13, 2001, Spokane Gulch, Eric Burr leader.
July 1, 2001, Search for the Okanogan fameflower along the Virginia Lilly Trail.
July 8, McCleod Mountain, Eric Burr leader.
July 29, 2001, Harts Pass, Caryl and John, leaders, an all-day hike.
August 9, 2001, Initial photography session at Tiffany Botanical Area for the Tiffany Botanical Area cost-share project. George Wooten, Patty Baumgardner, Larry Loftis and Dennis Kirkland. Dennis and George both spent 6 hours photographing and updating the list.
Sept 28, 2001, Meet at Tiffany Springs Campground to discuss the Tiffany Botanical Area cost-share project. Caryl, Larry, & Patty spent the morning discussing, and George came up in the afternoon for 3 hours of plant list development.

Kettle Range Conservation Group Hikes

Canyon Creek
Boulder Creek Trail through old growth.
April 8, 2001, Alta Coulee, George Wooten, leader (co-sponsored with Washington Native Plant Society, see above).
September 15, 2001. Majestic Mountain via East Creek). Visit to the Golden Horn Roadless Area, home of cathedral forests of old growth, spotted owls, spiraling glacial ravines, and cascading torrents.

More hiking adventures

Crossing Granite Creek in the rain
Hop and his canine friend making the perilous crossing of Granite Creek on Highway 20 in the rain.

Secret Lake
Remote lake.

There it is
Tiny lake from way above. A journey beyond Eightmile Pass in the Pasayten to find a remote lake.
Vasililki Ridge
Vasiliki Ridge.

Brian and George on Vasiliki
Brian & George on Vasiliki Ridge. We went up Vasiliki Rige via the Highway 20 route, or nearly so. It was raining everywhere else, so Brian and I went for a hole in the clouds and found it for about 10 seconds. Nice caves for getting out of the weather.