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Why have a blog? The blogs and Content Management Systems here were created during a test drive review of major blog engines. If you are interested, the first link below goes to a review of popular systems for creating your own blogs and content management systems.

Okanogan Civilization. These ramblings are in a Wordpress Blog.

The Upper-Upper Crust. Here is a blogspot blog created with a funny name because the Upper Crust was already taken at blogspot. My blog was originally going to be a parody of the wealthy, but looking at the real upper crust, perhaps mine should be about baking in the Okanogan area. Camas anyone?

Local Viewpoints

Classic Journal Posts

Drupal versus everybody. A CMS software review. A review of a dozen popular blog and content management systems.


Lost and Forgotten. A trail guide to roadless area hikes and vistas near the Methow Valley, Washington.

The Paria River Trip of 1971.

Photo essays

Dad George, 1927-2006. Life and times of George Wooten.

Dock Manufacture. 2005. To build a dock.

Showroom Galleries

Showrooms, bric-a-brac and material goods. This is a free PHP script that creates an image gallery.