North Central Washington

North Central Washington

Community & Culture

The links on this page are about culture, history, community forestry, outdoor research, science and education in the Okanogan and Methow Valleys of North Central Washington.

Quick Links in this page

Showroom Galleries

Showrooms, bric-a-brac and material goods. All wrapped in a downloadable PHP script that creates an image gallery on-the-fly from a folder of images.

Recycled building materials from Methow Resource Recovery in Twisp. This is a gallery of hot new (old) items. This site supports a large local community in additon to web hosting and site design.

Ties to Tribes

Jeanette Armstrong on the Okanogan. The Okanogan Tribes are the ones who are dream and land together, from an essay by Jeanette Armstrong, titled Identity and Responsibility (2001).

Some background on the Okanogan Tribes.

Human Health & Disease; Chemical Warfare

Multiple-Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). What you don't know can hurt you.

Life in the narrow lane. by Jeanne Hardy, 2001. An essay about life as a chemically sensitive individual

Dead trees. A case study pointing to herbicide misuse: How a flawed Biological Evaluation helped put poison into the Chewuch River.

Does religion affect the gross domestic product of a country? With only a few possible exceptions, this chart shows it doesn't.

Planning, Zoning, Utilities

Methow Valley Citizens Council. Zoning, planning and county ordinances.

Lower Methow Valley Ownerships. Watershed boundaries in the lower Methow.

Forest Health: Community Forestry

Methow Forest Owners Cooperative.

Hungry-Hunter Ecosystem Management Project. GIS and analysis and multi-party monitoring.

Sinlahekin Wildlife Area Restoration Plan. A long-term plan to reduce fuels and restore fire regimes in the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area.

Salvaging Libby South. Forestry blunders.

Lynx habitat impacts. Gallery showing losses of lynx and hare habitat in the Okanogan boreal forest.

Essays and Stories

Biography of Harold St. John. From Labrador to Polynesia.

Bering and Steller in America and Early Sitka. A tale of two adventurers--their tale of discovery and misfortune in discovering the new world.

Lost and Forgotten. A trail guide to roadless area hikes and vistas near the Methow Valley, Washington.

Okanogan dreams, Okanogan nightmares. Plan C. Essay by George Wooten

The Anonymous Forester, anonymous, by someone in the Forest Service

Getting to know the Methow Valley. Essay by George Wooten

Letter from Okanogan County. by Vic Bondi