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You can create your own website. For help getting started, call Web Works at 509-997-6010.

Web Works is located in Twisp, Washington. Technical assistance is available for web site creation using html, css and php. Tutoring is also available. Web Works offers complete website creation services from simple pages to complex content management solutions. Free online resources are also available below.

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Web Development Resources

Showroom. Create an image gallery using php. This script works by creating lists of linked files within linked folders on-the-fly.

Video Displays. Create a website to play your videos from a playlist. View an example of a video playlist.

Getting ImageMagick and Ghostscript to work with PHP and XAMPP. ImageMagick is a great program for transforming image files and formats. IM even has the ability to convert PDF files to images if Ghostscript is also installed on your system. Unfortunately, installing and running IM the first time is highly system dependent. What works on one system likely won't work on another. This web page describes an example of IM, Ghostscript, PHP and XAMPP all working together on a local Windows XP system.

Set up a PC Windows computer to run the XAMPP Apache server. This link describes procedures for setting up an Apache server available from XAMPP on a local personal computer.


Drupal versus everybody. A CMS Software review. A review of a dozen popular blog and content management systems.