North Central Washington

There are over 1,500 species of vascular plants in Okanogan County, in habitats ranging from xeric basalts to old growth rain forests.

Nature of Eastern Washington


Botany of the North Cascades and North-Central Washington.

NEW!!!! The Flora of North-central Washington. Click here to download the Flora of Okanogan, Douglas and Ferry counties as a zipped spreadsheet developed George Wooten in 2017. Click here to download the documentation file that accompanies the Flora of North-central Washington.

map of NC Washington

The flora lists over 2,000 extant taxa representing about 1,800 binomial species, sorted taxonomically. The most recent nomenclature is used, but familiar synonyms are listed so old botanists can figure out species by their old names.

Eastern Washington Wildflowers image gallery. This is a gallery of images from Eastern Washington, with over 60 families of vascular plants, arranged by family and scientific name.

The Flora of Okanogan County. Compiled by George Wooten, updated October, 2011. This is a checklist of Okanogan County plant species. The list of over 1,500 species is annotated with collection and location information from Okanogan County. The basis and background for creating the flora can be linked to here: Developing the flora of Okanogan County, Washington. The flora contains location information linked to watershed boundaries. A map of the watershed boundaries used in the report can be viewed by clicking this map of Okanogan watersheds.

Bloom Reports. An ongoing, encapsulated dateline of floristic events for the Methow Valley and North Central Washington.

Key to Washington Willows, by George Wooten, latest revision (December, 2010). A descriptive key to 31 confirmed Washington species of willows (Salix). This version has minor revisions to separate S. prolixa and S. lutea, and to separate S. planifolia from S. maccalliana. Here is the latest Salix key.

Draft Key to the Grasses of Okanogan County, Washington, by George Wooten, latest revision (July 2008). A key optimized for Okanogan County.

Draft Key to Common Root Diseases and Dark-colored Decay Fungi found in Dry Forests of Okanogan County, Washington, by George Wooten, working version (July 2008). Light-colored decay fungi have not yet been added to the key.

The Calochortus Project. Initial photo studies on Calochortus macrocarpus pollinators, germination, ecology, and amazing close-up pix of sex.

Pseudoflowers of the rust Puccinia on Arabis holboellii and Phoenicaulis cheiranthoides. Pictures of the pseudoflowers of the rust, Puccinia infecting Phoenicaulis cheiranthoides, and once again fooling the botanists.

The Herbal Database. (click here for an HTML version of the Herbal Database).A compendium of herbs, spices, and plants along with the chemicals contained in them.